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Companies with names that begin with S

656 companies found

S & K Wildflower Rescue and Nursery LLC
S & O Corporation
S & S Seeds
S&K Manufacturing
S&W Greenhouse
S-W Gardens
S. Scherer & Sons Inc.
S.C.A.T.S. Flowers
S.K703 Topiary Inc.
Sacka da Weeda
Sacred Garden Frangipani's
Sacred Succulents
Sadot Irrigation Systems
Safeguard Seeds (Rockwell Products LLC)
Safer® Brand
Saflora Plant Nursery
Sage Garden Herbs
Sage Garden Style
Saksa Daylily Farm
Salley's Daylililes
Salomaa Tree Plantation
Salt Spring Seeds
Salter Tree and Herb Farm
Sam Hill Gardens
Sampford Shrubs
San Diego Organic Supply Inc. (Wormagic)
San Juan Dahlias
Sand Hill Preservation Center
Sand Mountain Herbs
Sandeman Seeds
Sanderosa Gardens
Sandhill Farm
Sandhill Farms
Sandhollow Iris Gardens
Sandia Seed Company
Sandusky Valley Nursery
Sandwell Rattan Furniture
Sandy Mush Herb Nursery
Sandy Shore Farms
Sandy's Plants
Sanhedrin Nursery (Wolfe Enterprises)
Sans Souci Nursery, LLC
Santa Barbara Greenhouses
Santa Barbara Orchid Estate
Santa Rosa Gardens
Santa's Forest Fresh Christmas Tree Farm (
Sanzo Specialties
Sapphire Dragon Paulownia Trees
Sarah Raven's Kitchen & Garden
Sarasota Koi
Sarracenia Northwest
Saskatoon Michigan Farm and Nursery
Sassafras Garden & Farm
Sativa Rheinau GmbH
Saucy Succulents & Experimental Exotics
Saunders Landscapes
Saunders Seed Co.
Sauvie Island Dahlias
Savory's Gardens Inc
Saxton Gardens
Scapegrass Peony Plantation
Scarbrough's Garden
Scarecrow Village
Scatterseed Project
Scenic Hill Farm Nursery
Scenic View Wildflowers
Schilling Solar City Gardens (formerly Joyce's Garden)
Schindler Daylily Farm
Schlabach's Nursery
Schliefert Iris Gardens
Schmid Nursery & Gardens
Schotanus Farm
Schreiner's Iris Gardens
Schwerter Orchideenzucht
ScoJoy's Daylilies
Scott Brothers Nursery
Scott's Wildflowers
Scout Gardening (aka Gardening How-To, National Home Gardening Club)
Scratchacre Succulents
Scroll Trellis
Scythe Supply
Sea of Green Hydrogardening
Sea-Tac Gardens
Seabreeze Nurseries
Seabrook Nursery & Gardens
Seagate Irises
Seagrove Orchids
Seal Rock Orchids
Seaside Daylily Farm
Sebright Gardens
Second Sun Garden Supply (formerly Second Sun Hydroponics)
Secret Garden
Secret Garden Growers
Secret Garden Rare Plants
Secret Seed Cartel
Sedum Garden
Seed Ambassadors Project
Seed and Garden LLC
Seed Centre
Seed Corner (
Seed Dreams
Seed Empire
Seed for Security
Seed Needs
Seed of the Month Club
Seed People (
Seed Revolver
Seed Savers Exchange
Seed Savers Network
Seed Service (Inge Hoffman)
Seed Super Store
Seed Tapestry
Seed Terra (
Seed Treasures (Messrs. Scoular: Farmers, Seed Potato Growers)
SeedGeeks Heirloom Seeds
Seedhunt (a division of American-Farina Enterprises)
Seeds & More
Seeds and Such, Inc.
Seeds By Size
Seeds etc.
Seeds for Africa.
Seeds for Generations
Seeds For Me
Seeds For Success
Seeds For the South (Vegetable Seed Warehouse)
Seeds From Italy (
Seeds of Change
Seeds of Distinction
Seeds of Diversity Canada (formerly Heritage Seed Program)
Seeds of India
Seeds of Italy (Franchi)
Seeds of Life
Seeds of Texas
Seeds Trust
Seeds Unique
Seeds Vendor (The Seed Collector)
Seeds West Garden Seeds
Seeds, Leaves, and Flowers
Seedville USA
Segal Ranch Hybrid Poplars
Select Plus International Lilac Nursery
Select Roses
Select Seedling Nursery
Select Seeds Antique Flowers
Selected (
Selective Gardener (P & M Marketing)
Semillas Fito
Semillas La Palma
semini arborum
Seminole Springs Antique Rose and Herb Farm
September Song Nursery
Sequim Rare Plants (The Jonsteen Company)
Serenade Garden Control (AgraQuest Inc.)
Serendipity Gardens
Serenity Grows
Serenity Health
Serenity Hosta Haven
Serenity Watergardens
Sevald Nursery
Seven Rocks Orchids
Seven Springs Farm
Sexton Roses, Inc. (Sexton Nurseries Ltd.)
Sexy Bloomers (South Creek Nursery of Palmyra)
Seymour's Selected Seeds
Shade Flowering Plants
Shade Flowers (Herbs Roots & Barks LLC)
Shade for Plants (aka Shade Dot)
Shades of Green
Shades of Green
Shadow Gardens
Shadow Scapes Nursery
Shadow Valley Aquatic Plant Nursery
Shadowood Iris Garden
Shady Acre Perennials
Shady Acres Herb Farm
Shady Gardens Nursery
Shady Glen Nursery
Shady Hill Gardens
Shady Hills Native Plant Nursery
Shady Hollow Gamebirds
Shady Lakes Water Lily Gardens
Shady Lane Poultry
Shady Oak Butterfly Farm
Shady Oaks Blueberry Farm
Shady Oaks Ginseng Farm
Shady Rest Gardens
Shady Rest Tree Farm
Shangra La Ponds
Shangri La Daylilies (formerly Laurel Cove Daylilies)
Shanti Bithi Nursery, Inc.
Sharon's Daylilies
Sharp Brothers Seed Company
Shaw's Sunshine Gardens
Sheen Botanical Labels, Ltd.
Sheep Run Daylily Farm
Sheffield's Seed Company
Sheila Chapman Clematis
Sheila Holmes Hardy Roses (Robert Erskine Roses)
Sheilam Cactus and Succulent Garden
Shelldance Orchid Gardens
Shelter Logic
Shelter Systems GroDomes
Shepard Hill Daylily Gardens
Sheridan Gardens (Stonymeade Farm)
Sherman Daylilies
Sherry's Perennials
Shields Gardens Ltd.
Shiloh Dahlias
Shiloh Gardens
Shipton Bulbs
Shirley's House of Violets
Shogun Hawaii
Shooting Star Nursery
Shop Copper Sprinklers
Shovel and Hoe
Show Garden Dahlias
Showcase Dahlias
Shropshire Sarracenias
Shrub Coat (Division of Beaver Landscaping Inc.)
Shrub Source
Shweeash Bamboo
Siam Orchids USA Inc
Siberian Iris Gardens
Sibgo Tree Company
Sickels Tree Farm
Sid's Dahlias
Siegers Seed Co.
Sierra Gold Trees (Sierra Gold Nurseries)
Sierra Vista Farms
Silicon Solar Inc.
Silk Purse Farm Perennials
Silk Tree Gardens
Silk Tree Nurseries
Silly Lily Flower Farm
Siloam Orchards
Silvaseed Company
Silver Bell Christmas Tree Farm
Silver Bell Christmas Tree Farm (Prince Edward Island Christmas Wreaths)
Silver Creek Nursery
Silver Dale Nurseries
Silver Falls Seed
Silver Mountain Christmas Trees
Silver Springs Nursery, Inc.
Silver Star Vinery
Silverhill Seeds
Silvers-Elbert Nursery (
Simanis Orchids Nursery
Simmons Berry Farm
Simmons Paeonies
Simonton Bridge Daylily Farm
Simple Gardens
Simple Pleasures Lily Farm
Simply Fountains
Simply Gone - Patio and Driveway Cleaner
Simply Seeds and Plants
Simply Solar Greenhouses (formerly Solar Prism)
Simply Succulents
Singing Oakes Garden
Singing Tree Gardens
Singletree Farm
Sir Amicks African Violet Pots
Sir Williams Gardens
Siskiyou Seeds
Sitting Pretty (Deluxe Hammocks)
Sixteen Acres Garden Center
SK Shrubs
Skagit Gardens
Skagit Heights Dahlia Farm
Skarzenski Family Nursery
Skegemog Gardens
Skillful Hand Garden / Chi-Lung Ko
Skipley Farm
Skolex Worms & Supplies
Skychild Tropicals (Skychild Emporium)
Skyfield Tropical
Skyfire Garden Seeds
Skyland Gardens
Slate Hill Farm Daylilies
Sleepy Hollow Bonsai
Slightly Different Nursery
Slimbridge Wetland Plants
SLO Gardens Orchids
Slocum Water Gardens
Small Farm Today®
Small Fruits
Small World Gardens
Smart Farming Solutions
Smart Pots (High Caliper Growing - Root Control Inc.)
Smart Seeds (
Smartedge (also dba Cleveredge)
SMG Succulents
Smiddycroft Perennials
Smirnow's Son's Peonies
Smith & Hawken
Smith Daylilies (S & S Enterprises)
Smith Nursery Co.
Smith Poultry & Game Bird Supply
Smith Wholesale LLC
Smokey's Gardens
Snail Jail
Snow & Nealley
Snow Pond Farm Supply
Snowbelt Adeniums
Snowbird Farms
Snowdrop Farm, LLC
Snowpeak Iris and Daylilies
Snyder and Sons Nursery
So & Go ITC
So Succulent
Soil Cube Tool
Soil Mender Products
Soil Restoration Technologies Inc. (
Soil Sleuth (M.W. Enterprises, Inc.)
SoilSoup, Inc.
Solana Seeds
Solar Food Composter
Solar Lights Today (
Solar Powered House Numbers
Solaris Farms
SolarOasis, LLC
Solexx Greenhouses (formerly Farm Wholesale Greenhouses)
Solo Inc.
Solomon Holly Farm
Solstice Seeds
Solutions From Science (Survival Seed Bank)
Sommer Gardens
Sonoma Grapevines, Inc.
Sooner Plant Farm (Shop Smarter Shop Sooner)
Soper's Hosta Garden
Sorella Orchids
Soules Garden
Sound Native Plants
Sourcepoint Organic Seeds
South Bay Growers
South Carolina Foundation Seed Producers, Inc.
South Coast Growers
South Coast Palms
South Florida Bamboo Farm
South GA Seed Co (formerly Seeds and Things)
South Jersey Iris
South Shore Orchids
South Wind Daylily Farm
Southbay Traps - Carnivorous Plants & Garden Supply
Southeast Texas Gardening
Southeast United Trading (
Southeastern Insectaries
Southern Bait Worms
Southern Belle Daylilies
Southern Bulb Company
Southern Burner Company
Southern Business Express
Southern Carnivores
Southern Charm Paeonies
Southern Eucs
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Southern Living
Southern Oak Aquatics
Southern Seed Legacy Project (Pass Along Southern Seeds)
Southern Skies Gardens
Southern Tier Consulting
Southmeadow Fruit Gardens (Grootendorst Nurseries)
Southview Nurseries
Southwest Gardener
Southwest Hatchery
Southwest Orchids
Southwestern Cedar Oil
Sow Exotic (
Sow True Seed
Space Saver Gardening (VegHerb, LLC)
Spalding Horticultural Company Ltd. & Bulb Shop
Spandle Nurseries
Spangle Creek Labs
Spanish Moss Direct
Sparkleberry Springs
Sparra's Nest
Special Plants
Specialty Agricultural Products LLC
Specialty Ornamentals
Specialty Perennials
Species Specific
Species Unlimited
Spicewood Spines
Spicy Exotics
Spider's Web Daylily Garden
Spiider Lawn Care Products
Spiker Worm & Casting
Spiral Paper Tube and Core Inc.
Spirit Elements, LLC
SpiritLiving Co. (Spirit Living Co.)
Spiro-Gro Plant Ladder
Sporebank (
Sporestore (
Sprainbrook Nursery's Gardening Things
Spring Creek Daylily Garden
Spring Fever Daylilies
Spring Garden Canada
Spring Hill Nursery (aka
Spring River Nurseries Inc
Spring Valley Greenhouse, Inc.
Spring Valley Nursery
Spring Valley Nursery
Spring Valley Roses
Spring Valley Tropicals
Springbrook Gardens Inc.
Springdale Water Gardens
Springhaven Gardens & Nursery
Springtime Nursery (
Springwood Gardens
Springwood Pleiones
Sprinkler Buddy
Sprinkler Superstore
Sprinkler Warehouse (Harward Irrigation Systems)
Sprout People
Spruce Creek Rainsaver
Spruce Up Nursery
Square Foot Gardening Foundation
Squaw Mountain Gardens
Squirmy Wormz Farm
Squngee (BellSong Products)
St. Albert Botanic Park
St. Clare Heirloom Seeds
St. Gabriel Laboratories
St. Kitts Herbery
St. Lawrence Nurseries
Stacks and Stacks Homewares
Stacy's Seeds and S'more
Stan's Daylilies
Standup Gardens
Stanek's Nursery
Stanley & Sons Nursery
Stanton Iris Gardens
Star Nursery, Inc.
Stardreamer Daylilies
Stardust Organics
Stargazer Perennials
Stark Brothers Nurseries & Orchards Company
Starlight Daylily Gardens
Starr Nursery
State-by-State Gardening
Steele Plant Company
Stellar Seeds
STEPABLES® (Under a Foot Plant Company)
Stephens Lane Garden
Sterling Tree Farm
Sterrett Gardens
Steve Ray's Bamboo Gardens
Steve's Earth Engine Cedar Composters
Steve's Leaves
Steve's Plants
Steven Hammer's Sphaeroid Institute
Steves Greenhouses
Stevia-Store International | Paraguay
Stick n Kick LLC
Sticks and Stones Nursery
Sticky Situation Desert Growers
Stigall Water Gardens
Stillwater Gardens
Stock Seed
Stockbridge Beekeeping Supplies
Stokes Seeds
Stokes Tropicals
Stone Cottage Gardens
Stone Crop, LLC
Stone Harbor Waterworks, Inc. (
Stone Knolls
Stone Lane Gardens
Stone Lantern
Stone Leah Daylily Garden
Stone Mountain Farms
Stone Statue Store (
Stone Valley Daylilies
Stoneface Creations
Stonehouse Dahlias
Stoneridge Daylily Garden
Stones River Aquatics
Stonewall Nursery
StoneWorks Ponds & Supplies
Stoney Creek Iris
Stoneylane Daylily Nursery
Stony Brook Orchids
Stoogie Holler Seeds
Stop: It's Hammock Time
Stout Iris & Daylily Gardens at Dancingtree
Stout's Backsaver Grip (MBS)
Stover Seed Company
Stowood Creek Gardens
StraightWay Design Inc.
Strathmeyer Forests Inc.
Strawberry Creek Orchids
Strawberry Press
Strawberry Tyme Farms Inc.
Streaked Hostas
Streambank Gardens
Streamside Native Plants
Strictly Hibiscus
Strictly Medicinal Seeds
Strictly Orchids
Stromberg's Unlimited, Inc
Strong Enterprises
Strongs' Daylilies
Strube's Stink Bug Traps
Studley Flower Gardens
Stuewe & Sons, Inc.
Stumpe Backyard Nursery
Sturdi-built Greenhouse Mfg.
Stydd Gardens & Nursery
Sublicious Farms
Suburban Daylilies
Suburban Seeds
Succulent Gardening
Succulent Salon
Succulent Studios
Succulent Success Exotic Cacti Seeds
Succulent Tissue Culture
Succulent Zone
Succulent Zone
Succulents & Such
Suffolk Herbs
Sugar Bay Daylilies
Sugar Creek Daylily Gardens
Sugar Creek Gardens Inc.
Sugar Creek Seed, Inc.
Sugar Mountain Nursery
Sugar Plum Farm
Sulmans Pelargoniums
Summer Breeze Daylily Farm
Summer Field Farms
Summer Hill Seeds
Summerberry Farm
Summerville Gladiolus Worldwide
Sun Coast Orchids
Sun Mountain Natives
Sun Peony
Suncatchers of Hilo
Suncrest Gardens
Sundance Supply
Sundials of Distinction
Sunflower Farms
Sunglo East Greenhouses
Sunkissed Seeds
Sunland Water Gardens
Sunlight Supply Inc.
Sunmark Seeds
Sunnies's Epiphyllum Nursery (S & J Epiphyllum & Cacti Nursery)
Sunny Creek Nursery
Sunny Slope Chrysanthemum Gardens
Sunnyridge Gardens
Sunnyside Gardens
Sunraysia Nurseries
Sunrise County Evergreens (
Sunrise Plant Growers
Sunrise Seeds
Sunscapes Rare Plant Nursery
Sunset Desert Gardens
Sunset Growers
Sunset Magazine
Sunset Meadow Daylily Farm
Sunset Valley Orchids
Sunshine Farm & Garden
Sunshine Farms
Sunshine Farms
Sunshine Flower Bulb
Sunshine GardenHouse
Sunshine Hollow
Sunshine Mealworms
Sunshine Miniature Trees
Sunshine Seeds
Super Freak Series Unique Pumpkins & Gourds
Super-Grow Scientific
Superior Growers Supply (SGS)
Superior Organic Grains, Ltd.
Superoots® Air-Pots (Aroidia Research)
Superstition Iris Gardens
Superworm Farm, Inc.
Support Enterprises Inc.
Sure Root
Surf City Growers
Surf City Palms
Surrency Daylilies
Surry Gardens
Sustainable Mountain Agriculture Center Inc. (S.M.A.C.)
Sustainable Seed Company
Suttind Seeds Pvt. Ltd
Sutton Coldfield Farm Perennials
Sutton Farms (formerly Sutton Farm's PUBDISCO)
Sutton's Iris Gardens
Suttons Seeds
Suzanne Taillon
Svetlana Repkina Violets
Swallowtail Garden Seeds
Swan Island Dahlias
Swan View Farm, LLC
Swane's Nurseries
Swanland Nurseries
Sweeney Enterprises
Sweet Briar Nursery & Gardens
Sweet Corn Organic Nursery
Sweet Dream Amaryllis
Sweet Dream Blackberries™
Sweet Knowle Aquatics
Sweet Nectar Nursery
Sweet Pea Gardens & Greenhouses
Sweet Tomato Test Garden
Swenson Gardens
SwingArm USA
Sycamore Creek
Sylva Native Nursery & Seed Company
Sylvan Nursery
Sylvan Roses
Sylvies Orchids
Symdock Pty. Ltd.
Synergy Seeds
Syringa Plus

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