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Companies with names that begin with T

565 companies found

T & C Containment Elements® (DLB Products, Inc.)
T & C Terrariums
T & T Seeds Ltd.
T and T Nursery Plants
T's Flowers & Things
Tadpole Haven Native Plants
Tahoe Paradise Nursery
Tainong Seeds, Inc.
Taipei Orchids
Talbott Nursery and Poultry
Tall Grass Farms
Tall Pines Greenhouses
Tamar Organics
Tanem's Garden Mail Order
Tangled Roots Nursery
Tangled Vine Garden
Tanque Verde Greenhouses
Target Corporation (
Tarheel Native Trees
Tate Rose Nursery
Tate's Tree Co.
Tatiana's TOMATObase
Taunton Gardens
Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries
Taylor Family Greenhouse
Taylor Greenhouses
Taylor's Clematis
Taylor's Roses
te Sligte Gardens
Teak Closeouts (
Teak Wicker & More (CSN Stores)
Teakettle Enterprises
Teas Nursery
Technika Precision Measurement Instruments
Tee Dee Cacti
Tejas Tropicals LLC
Telescopes of Vermont
Telos Rare Bulbs
Teltane Farm
Temecula Olive Oil Company
Temple Garden Center Inc.
Temple Nursery
Tempo Two
Ten Mile Creek Nursery
Tender Seed Company
Tennessee Daylilies
Tennessee GARDENER
Tennessee State Iris Garden
Tennessee Tropicals
Tennessee Tuberoses Company
Tennessee Wholesale Nursery (also dba D & T Wholesale Nursery; formerly TN Nursery)
Tennessee Wholesale Nursery (formerly TN Tree Nursery)
Terra Ceia Farms
Terra Edibles
Terra Mater Gardens (
Terra Nova Nurseries
Terra Nova Plants and Garden
Terra Tech, LLC
Terra Time & Tide Hot Pepper Seeds
Terra Viva Organics
Terracotta Lady In New England
Terrapin Gardens
Territorial Seed Company
Terroir Seeds LLC, home of Underwood Gardens
Tesselaar Bulbs
Tester's Vermont Christmas Trees
Texas Bluebonnet Seed Company
Texas Greenhouse Company
Texas Hydroponics
Texas Palms
Texas Pecan Nursery, Inc.
Texas Staghorn Ferns
Texas Tomato Cage
Texas Water Lilies
Texas Wire Products
Texas Worm Farm
Textraw® (Divison of River City Holdings, LLC)
Texture Plants
Thai Herbs & Spices
Thai Palm Seeds Group
That Fish Place
The 200 Acres Store
The ABC's of Pruning from Hugh Perry Landscapes
The Air Plant Shop
The Alpine and Grass Nursery UK
The Arbor
The Arboreum Company
The Ark Institute®
The Art of Seed
The Atlanta Orchid Company
The Azalea Patch
The Backyard Bird Company
The Backyard Chirper
The Backyard Shoppe
The Baghandler (Kenslo Corporation)
The Bamboo Peacock
The Banana Tree (
The Berkutenko Seed List
The Beth Chatto Gardens Ltd.
The Betty Mills Company
The Big Grass Company
The Big Tomato Hydroponics & Organic Supplies
The Bird Shed
The Bloomin Bog Water Gardens
The Blooming Artichoke Herbary
The Blue Jay's Garden
The Blueberry Patch
The Blum's Almanac
The Bonsai Center
The Bonsai Pottery
The Botanic Nursery
The Bulk Herb Store
The Cactus Shop (Altman Plants)
The Chile Woman
The Chilli Pepper Company
The Chilli Seed Company
The Christmas Barn
The Christmas Tree Company
The Christmas Tree Farm
The Citrus Centre
The Comb (CLS)
The Compost Shop (Hightown Composting)
The Compost Tea Company
The Conservancy
The Container Store
The Cook's Garden
The Cottage Herbery
The Country Garden Plant Centre
The Country Ladybug
The Country Mouse
The Country Store and Gardens
The Crafty Gardener
The Croft Wild Bulb Nursery
The Curious Plant Company
The Cutting Globe
The Dahlia Guy
The Dandelion Terminator (DLT Co.)
The Dane Company
The Daylily Farm
The Daylily Magazine
The Desert Gardener LLC
The Dowery Orchid Nursery
The Dragonfly Gardens
The Drip Store
The Earthworks (The Fuchsia Lady
The Eclectic Gardener
The Edible Nursery
The Egyptian Walking Onion
The English Cottage Garden Nursery
The English Garden (UK edition)
The English Garden (US & Canadian edition)
The Essential Herbal Magazine
The essentials company
The Exotic Plant Place
The Extractigator
The Fairy Door & Window Company
The Fairytale Patch
The Fanciful Gardener
The Fertrell Company
The Flower and Herb Bag Company
The Flytrap Ranch
The Food for Everyone Foundation
The Forney Farm and The Phoenix Jewelry and More
The Fuchsia Centre
The Garden (Royal Horticultural Society)
The Garden Auger
The Garden Centre Group
The Garden Chest (
The Garden Company
The Garden Cottage
The Garden Gates
The Garden Hanger
The Garden Patch Grow Box
The Garden Planting, Growing, and Information Calendar/Almanac
The Garden Room
The Garden Song
The Garden Space
The Garden Superstore
The Garden Window
The Gardener's Workshop
The Gardenstore
The Garlic Store (
The Garlic Underground
The Gluttonous Gardener
The Gnome Garden
The Gourmet Gardener
The Great American Rain Barrel Company
The Great Chilli Farm
The Great Fraser Fir Company
The Great Petaluma Desert
The Green Chronicle Shop
The Green World Project
The Greenery
The Greenhouse (formerly Greener Earth Nursery)
The Greenhouse Catalog
The Greenhouse Nursery
The GreenWeb
The Grow Store
The Growers Solution
The Happy Gardener
The Heather Farm & Classic Miniature Roses
The Hedgerow Nursery
The Heirloom Gardener Magazine
The Heirloom Seed Shop (The BIG SEED Project)
The Herb Garden
The Herb Garden & Historical Plants Nursery
The Herb Man
The Herb Patch
The Herb Quarterly
The Herbal Touch
The Hobby Market
The Hosta Farm
The Hosta Lady (Olga Petryszyn)
The House of Phalaenopsis
The Incredible Seed Company
The Intimate Gardener
The Iris Farm
The Iris Patch (Growpro, Inc.)
The Kiwi Violet Room (formerly Karen's Kiwi Violet Room)
The Koi Farm Inc.
The Kusa Seed Research Foundation (
The Lilac Farm
The Lily Barn
The Lily Garden
The Lily Nook
The Lily Pad
The Lily Pad
The Liquid Fence Company
The Living Seed Company
The Local Blueberry
The Lord's Farm & Nursery
The Magnolia Store (
The Maine Potato Lady
The Mangrove Tree
The Mushroom Patch
The Mysterious World of Carnivorous Plants
The Native Tree Shop (The Woodland Trust)
The Natural Gardening Company
The Old Birdhouse
The Old Walled Garden (aka Exotic Plants Direct)
The Online Greenhouse
The Orchid Connection
The Orchid Gallery
The Orchid Journal
The Orchid Place
The Orchid Pot Co.
The Orchid Seedbank Project
The Orchid Shop (Heron Ridge Farms)
The Orchid Store (
The Organic Gardening Catalogue
The Original Bug Shirt Company
The Original Charleston Plant Cover™
The Original Fairy Garden Store
The Outdoorsman, Inc.
The Painted Daylilies Plus
The Palm Centre
The Palm Seed Center (PSCG)
The Palm Shop
The Paulownia Tree Company
The Peony Farm
The Peony Gardens
The Perfect Garden Tool System (
The Perfect Violet Pot
The Pine Straw Store
The Planket
The Plant Collection
The Plant Farm
The Plant Place
The Plant Ranch
The Plant Source
The Planter Depot
The Plantsman
The Plantsman's Preference (J&T Fuller)
The Plumeria Patch
The Pollen Nation
The Pond Doc
The Pond Guy, Inc.
The Pond Outlet
The Pond Place
The Pot and Grass Company (
The Potting Caddy
The Potting Shed
The Potting Shed Custom Made Window Boxes
The Primrose Path
The Pruner Warehouse
The PVC Workshop
The Rain Barrel Company (Rain Barrels Intl)
The Rainforest Collection
The Real Seed Catalogue (Real Seeds)
The Really Wild Nursery
The Recycle Works Ltd.
The Reichert Crew Garden Friends
The Right Angle, Inc. (
The Rock Fan
The Rock Garden
The Rocks Christmas Tree Farm
The Romantic Garden Nursery
The Root and Vein
The Rumford Gardener
The Rusted Garden
The Sage Rabbit Nursery
The Saskatoon Farm
The Seed Basket
The Seed Company
The Seed Guy (
The Seed Kingdom
The Seed Vine
The Shade (
The Shady Garden
The Silent Seed
The Silky Store
The Snowdrop Company
The Springhouse Nursery
The Strap Store
The Strawberry Store
The Succulent Garden
The Succulent Source
The Sun Country Greenhouse Company
The Tasteful Garden
The Thyme Garden Herb Company
The Tomato Patch (
The Tomato Seed Store
The Tool Merchants
The Topiary Store
The Trap Man
The Tree Center
The Tree Farm
The Tree Shop (Ardkinglas Estate Nurseries Ltd.)
The Trellis Garden
The Trellis Garden
The Ultimate Garden Tool (Electric Mulch Ltd.)
The Urban Garden Kit
The Velvet Leaf
The Vermont Apron Company
The Vernon Geranium Nursery
The Village Gardener
The Violet Showcase
The Walled Garden Clematis Nursery
The Water Box (M&H Waterworks)
The Water Garden
The Waushara Gardens
The Wild Orchid Company
The Wild Papaya Nursery and Garden Center
The Worm Dude
The Worm Factory
The Worm Farm
Theakiki River Traders
Theodore Payne Foundation
Things To Sell
Think Mint
Thistledown's Sumptuous Succulents (formerlyThistledown Greenhouse)
Tho's Orchids
Thompson and Morgan (UK)
Thompson and Morgan (US)
Thompson Nursery
Thomson Topiaries, LLC
Thorncroft Clematis Nursery
Thorne Beehives Ltd.
Three Ladies in the Garden
Three Oaks Farm
Three Rivers Wreath Co.
Three Sisters Nursery
Three Trees Farm
Thuja Gardens (formerly PlantsRus)
Thummim Farms
Thumper's Daylily Farm
TickleMe Plant Company, Inc.
Tierra Madre Farm
Tiffany's Gardens
Tilley's Nursery (Water Works)
Timbercreek Gardens
Timeless Quality
Timeless Water Fountains
Timpanogos Nursery
Timpany Nurseries
Tinari Greenhouses
Tinker's Hems
Tinonee Orchids
Tiny Treasures Nursery
Tip Top Bio-Control
TLC Gardens
TLC Tree Farm
TN Garden Center
TNT Dahlias
Toadshade Wildflower Farm
Todd Valley Farms
Todd's Seeds
Tokonoma Bonsai
Tokonoma Bonsai, Ltd.
Tollgate Gardens & Nursery (formerly Corwin Davis Nursery)
Tom Sawyer Christmas Tree Farm
Tom Wagner Seeds
Tom's Home and Garden
Tomato Bob's Heirloom Tomatoes
Tomato Cradle
Tomato Crater
Tomato Girl (Tomato Baby Company)
Tomato Growers Supply Co.
Tomato Seed City
Tomato Seed Exchange
Tomato Seeds 'n Such
Tomato Seeds Trust (International Seed Saving Institute)
Tomato Solutions
Tomatoes etc.
Tomlinson's #1 Farm
Top of the Mountain Christmas Trees
Top Tropicals LLC
Topiary Art Designs Ltd.
Topiary Art Works and Greenhouses, LLC
Topiary Gardens
Topiary Joe
Topline Whsle Dist Co
Topsy Turvy (
Torii Station Bamboos
Total Outdoor Services
Total Tools & Garden Supply
Totally Tomatoes
Touch of Nature, Inc.
Touchwood Plants
Tough Alpine Nursery
Tough Love Chile Company
Tower Perennial Gardens
Towne Creek Nursery
TPM Farms
Trade Star International, Inc. (
Trade Winds Fruit
Tradewinds Bamboo
Tradewinds Nursery
Tradewinds South Coast
Trails End Iris Gardens
Tranquil Lake Nursery
Trans-Pacific Nursery (
Travena Cross Nurseries
Travis' Violets
Treasure Island Aquatics
Trebrown Nurseries
TRECO (Oregon Rootstock & Tree Co., Inc)
Tree Dazzle (Devize Unlimited Inc.)
Tree Heaven (aka Tree, Veychek Gardens & Nursery Inc.)
Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center and Organic Gardening Apprenticeship
Tree Peony Garden
Tree Seeds (aka
Tree World Plant Care Products (Plantskydd Animal Repellant)
Treeborne Gardens Worldwide, Inc.
TreeHQ (Starr Nursery LLC)
Trees 'n Bees, Inc.
Trees by Touliatos
Trees Direct Ltd.
Trees for Less Nursery
Trees of Antiquity (formerly Sonoma Antique Apple Nursery)
Trees of Joy
Trees on the Move
Trees that Please Nursery and Tree Farm
Trees to Please
Trees-Plants (
TreeSource Citrus Nursery
Treessentials Company
Treetime Inc. (
Trellis Structures
Treloar Roses Pty Ltd
Trickle Ring, LLC
Trident Products & Services, LLC.
Triffid Nuseries (formerly Cambrian Carnivores)
Triffid Park
Trinity Ranch
Trinity Tree Co., Inc.
Trio Nursery
Triple C Christmas Trees
Triple Creek Flower Farm
Triple D Farm and Hatchery
Triple E Christmas Tree & Wreath Farm
Triple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden
Triple Z, Inc. (The Gardener's Pouch)
Tripple Brook Farm
Tripplebrook Farm
Tropic 1 Orchids, Inc.
Tropic to Tropic Plants
Tropica Mango Rare and Exotic Fruit Nursery
Tropica Nursery
Tropical Bamboo
Tropical Flower Farm of Puerto Rico
Tropical Gardens of Maui
Tropical Heliconias
Tropical Orchid Farm
Tropical Plants & More
Tropical Plants Library Online (also dba Master Gardener and Landscaping of Fort Lauderdale)
Tropical Pond & Garden
Tropical Reserve & Economical Education (TREEcenter)
Tropical Treasures
Tropical Vibe Nursery
Tropics At Home
Tropilab® Inc.
True Leaf Market
True Vine Ranch
TrueLove Seeds
Tsugawa Nursery
Tucker's Orchid Nursery
Tuckers Seeds
Tufts Perennial Farm and Greenhouse
Tulips N More, Inc. (Roozengaarde)
Tumbleweed Pottery
Tumut Valley Violets
Turf Online
Turf-Seed, Inc.
TurfNozl (formerly Rootwand)
TurfPro USA
Turn of Century Pottery & Garden
Turner Greenhouses
Turner Seed
Turtle Feathers
Turtle Island Plants
Turtle Pond Orchids, Etc.
Turtle Tree Seed
Turtlegaby's Tropical Oasis
Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens
Tuscumbia Iron Works
Twigs and Berries Nursery
Twilley Seed Co., Inc.
Twin Beech Gardens
Twin Creeks Peonies
Twin Gardens Farm
Twining Vine Garden
Twisted Gardens
Twixwood Nursery
Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center
Two Pony Gardens
Two Seeds in a Pod
Two Sisters Roses
Two Stooges Daylily Farm
Two Willies Nursery
Two Wings Farm
Twombly Nursery
Tyber Katz
Tyrone Daffodils (Clarke Campbell)

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